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       at vokra, we rescue, heal, then place cats - first in our network of foster homes, then in carefully matched, loving, forever homes. We’re a passionate, volunteer-driven charity with extensive cat care experience.

       COVID-19: A Note to Adopters

      While VOKRA continues to operate, we’re taking precautions to keep our
      volunteers, fosters and adopters safe from the COVID-19 virus. 
      Learn more

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      Each year more than 1,200 cats and kittens are adopted through VOKRA. Our adoption counsellors follow a robust matching process to ensure you find your perfect companion. Plus we're always here after the adoption if you need ongoing advice.


      get involved

      Volunteers and fosters are at the heart of everything we do. Without them, we couldn’t rescue and find loving homes for the more than 1,400 kittens and cats VOKRA takes in each year. There are many ways to become involved in our organization.


      ways to give

      As a volunteer-driven non-profit, your help is vital to ending cat overpopulation and homelessness. All donations go directly to funding the supplies, equipment, veterinary and operational costs required to ensure the cats in our care are warm, safe and healthy.


      Why pairs are purrfect!

      Kitten-to-kitten interaction and playtime help develop important social skills. Find out why we adopt kittens in pairs when you click here.

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      sponsor a cat

      As a sponsor, you’ll help provide care for one of our long-term residents.



      Your purchase will help provide care for homeless cats and kittens.


      We’ve put together some resources to help ensure your cat is happy and healthy.

      Below you’ll find links to some of our most requested information. To view all our resources click here.

      bringing home your new cat

      Advice on introducing your new cat or kitten to your home, food choices and litter box training.

      health and care

      Just as you would make sure your home is safe for a toddler, you need to be sure your home is safe for your new family member.

      steps to take if your cat is missing

      Sometimes, despite our best efforts, cats manage to sneak out a door or window. Here are some steps to take as soon as you discover your cat is missing.

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